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to separate the different shades of color

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to separate the different shades of color

COLOR.ID is a revolutionary product which only added to the colors and KOLESTON PERFECT LIGHT COLOR, acts as a flexible barrier, separating and protecting the different color shades applied to the hairdresser for a result from the effects of multi-colored incredibly natural and bright. A small amount of COLOR.ID with InvisiDivider Technology added to the color and KOLESTON LIGHTS COLOR Wella creates an array, unique in its kind, which acts as a flexible barrier, separating and holding the different sections of hair color and avoid possible alterations tone due to smudges and streaks of color overlay.

method of use : for use only with KOLESTON PERFECT, PERFECT LIGHT COLOR or Welloxon in the proportion Welloxon Perfect Color + + additive COLOR.ID :
• 10:10:1 basic shade for Koleston Perfect and Brighten color ;
• 10:20:2 shades Koleston Perfect Special Blonde.
Apply color to dry hair with the spatula and shape it manually in any way, shape or direction, to achieve a color effect multitone designed in a unique manner, without using film or other separators. COLOR.ID can be used to fade out a color harmoniously next to each other, in this case apply the color only on the area of the roots, then apply another color on medium lengths ensuring that there is no space between the two colors, and / or apply colors side by side, starting with one color on a strand / section, then another color on the lock / close section. Shape and lay the strands / sections at will for the time of development. Development time in the operating instructions as usual or for KOLESTON PERFECT LIGHT COLOR, with or without heat.
box: 95 ml vial.

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